Our Story

How it all started...

REAL Church started in 1920 in Chester, PA as a mission to the community. The church was called “Open Door Mission”, and was pastored by Brother and Sister Bell. After an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the mission became a church and its name was changed to “Pentecostal Highway Tabernacle” In 1945 the church was brought into the Assemblies of God and was referred to as “First Assembly of God.” 1970s Pastor Murphy moved part of the congregation to the corner of Commerce Ave. and Edwards Dr. in Brookhaven. That church became know as Calvary Assembly of God. After the loss of the pastor at First Assembly of God and the hiring of Pastor Terilli, the church in Chester began to grow. A year later the church in Brookhaven didn’t have a pastor but had a building, and the church in Chester had a pastor but not much of a building. The churches rejoined back together and a new name “Full Gospel Assembly of God” was selected. Church remained under his leadership till 1990s when the church elected Pastor Weed to lead the church. 2014 the Church elected its current pastor, Pastor Grenier.
Our Present-
We are becoming a church where people come to find a community that strengthens and supports them in their pursuit to follow God.  Our desire is to be a
“REAL” church (Restoring, Empowering, Accepting, and Loving Church)

Expanding the vision...

We seek to bring healing to our community. We do this by being REAL - Restoreing, Empowering, Accepting, and Loving our community. We are looking for ways to reach those in our community. We all need community and it is one of the greatest ways to bring complete healing to ourself. We are not made to do this alone.

Where we are headed...

We are working on learning to Love, Grow, Reach, Serve, and Grow.

We want to be a church that seeks out those who have given up on church and help them develop a REAL relationship with God.

We desire to empower our community by creating businesses, planting churches, training future leaders, and developing compassion-based ministries so we can
Restore, Empower, Accept, and Love our community.

We seek to accept all, regardless of their hurts, habits, and hang-ups.

We believe that anything is possible and seek the impossible to become possible in every aspect of our lives.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together a 10 AM